Saturday, 4 May 2013

My first film.

Sorry its been a while since I updated this blog, its been a busy time for me to be honest with the end of the Evo-Stik football season the games have been coming thick and fast. I would just like to say well done to the boys at Bedford Town FC for a great season and if you would like to see how they did and view my images and videos of their games just go to Facebook "Bedford Town FC (The Eagles)"

Back to this blog, as I say I have had little time over the past month, but I can bring you a few birdie images and a preview of my first attempt at a film Lol. I am only playing at it as a bit of fun, but I have enjoyed it. So what images do I have for you?

I was talking to Pete at the farm and asked him if the Swallows had returned, he said they had, there is one pair that return to the exact same nest each year, but this time he thought something was amiss. The nest looked different, the entrance hole had been altered some and he suggested a Wren may have taken up residence in the old Swallows nest, see what you think?

Pete was showing me his latest piece of salvage he had acquired, an old marble topped table, very exciting I thought, It was leaning against a shed with no door on, being a nosey sod I decided to have a look around inside to see if there was anything in there that would interest me, I wasn't disappointed as I spotted an old Sainsbury's carrier bag hanging up.

So whats exiting about a carrier bag with some old dried flowers in? Look closely at the next image, you might see a Robins nest, it contained six eggs.

Not the best image I agree but the female Robin was getting stressed at us being there so we made a hasty retreat and left her to continue incubating her eggs.

As we stood chatting we were aware of a pair of Pied Wagtails flitting around the yard and paying particular  attention to an old trailer Pete had on loan, it was due to be returned later in the week. The Wagtails were looking for a nesting site and it appears that they had chosen the trailer.

While we had no objections to them nesting on/in the trailer, we thought it might be a bit of a ball-ache for them once the trailer had been returned travelling eight miles or so to feed their offspring.

Now onto my film. I recently spent a few days on my boat Ruby Tuesday in North Norfolk, it is  moored in a lovely spot and within easy access to some wonderful birding country. One favourite of mine is the RSPB reserve at Strumpshaw Fen about a mile from my mooring. The film shows footage of the reserve and also of Ranworth Broad.  Ranworth Broad is split, one half is navigable by motor cruisers, while the inner Broad as it is known is private and only accessible by booking a trip in small boat at the visitor centre. 

The following film has been rated 15 and contains a lot of noise from birds vying for some territory.

A few images from Strumpshaw Fen.


Chiff Chaff

Marsh Harrier.

Back at the boat yard there is an area where all the timber and oil drums etc are stored ready for use when boats are removed from the water for the Winter. With little natural cover around boat yards, its any port in a storm as it were. Who lives in a house like this?

I do.

This Cinnamon Mallard Hen bird has lived around the boat yard for the past 3 years and has bred on the site each year, she is very tame and very tolerant to people.