Monday, 29 September 2008

Lightning Strikes Twice

Dude 2008 winner
Following on from our fantastic win at the Budgerigar Society World show in 2007, we had talked about where we would go from here, some well known budgie fanciers said it would be all down hill from now on.We never saw it that way. I made a pledge to my budgie partner that we would win it again, once is a hell of an achievement, twice is exceptional. On the Saturday as we watched the judging of the major specials, our Dominant Pied cock bird was selected as the Best Adult in show, as in 2007 we now had to compete against the Best young bird (current year bred) It seemed to take an age for the judges to make up their minds, but to our amazement we triumphed again, Although I thought we would be crowned World Champs again, neither of us thought it would be so soon. We will now go down in budgie history as one of only four who have won the World show more than once.