Sunday, 30 December 2012

Well at least today it was not raining, initially I was going to do nothing but watch the two live Sky games on TV, but the light got the better of me. I ventured down my patch only for a short visit, it was freezing and blowing a gale. As I climbed the five barred gate, I was greeted by the usual animals, two miniature Ponies and some sheep trying to see what I had in my bag, nothing for them I'm afraid. I set up my camera and I took a few shots as I waited in hope for the Buzzard to return. Most obliging were the Blackbird, Tree Sparrow and Moorhen.

There were plenty of Blue and Great tits about when a Grey Squirrel arrived, but within minutes his constant foraging stopped as he hugged the tree stump in front of me.

The Greater Spotted Woodpecker was acting strange too, it could mean only one thing?

There was a predator about. I slowly opened the hide door to take a peek at what was causing such concern, and I soon spotted the reason. It was the Buzzard soaring high above.

The Buzzard.

The Buzzard didn't put in an appearance at the feeding station in the short time I was there today, despite the fact I had on offer Pigeon as a main course and Squirrel chunks as a pudding, but I am confident it won't be long before I bring you some more close ups of this wonderful Raptor.

I was amused by the Robin and Tits etc, and the antics of the Grey Squirrel chasing the Pheasant away from the food, even though there was more than enough to go around.

All in all a decent couple of hours made all the more enjoyable by the appearance of one of my favourites the Greater Spotted.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Jaks and me wanted to go and see the annual Red Deer rut at the famous Bradgate Park, the only problem is we didn't get time in October/November and the deer would not wait for us, so by the time we did eventually get there the rut was over. The park is still a great place to be though at any time of the year, and we weren't disappointed when we did get there, it is lovely just to have a walk around Bradgate Park. A historic Mediaeval deer park in the heart of the ancient Charnwood Forest. It retains much of its original landscape with woods, grassy slopes and rocky outcrops. Some of the views are outstanding.

Red Deer Stags

I have to say, they did look tired and I guess they were enjoying the rest after their recent exertions.

A Fawn from last breeding season.

There was a few scuffles while we were there but nothing to get exited about.

A short video of some of the deer and the above scuffle. Handbags if you ask me.

The River Lin which runs right through the centre of the park.

Bradgate Park is a real must to visit if you are ever in Leicestershire, but make sure you choose a better day than we did, especially if you want to take some photo's of the wildlife, the light was awful. 

Friday, 28 December 2012

I have been baiting a table down my patch/feeding station with a view to get some close up images of the Common Buzzard that hunt the land. The weather conditions for photography of late has been dire, so today I decided if the Buzzard paid a visit I would try to get some video footage regardless of the British weather. This short clip was all I managed today, I would have got more had I not moved, but as you know, sometimes you have to scratch your nose. There will be more, stay tuned.

Monday, 24 December 2012

More rain and a Sparrow Hawk

Yep, its pouring down again. As I sat wondering what to do, should I go and get soaked and put some food down at my feeding station, my attention was drawn to a Male Sparrow Hawk sat on my garden fence, it looked how I would If I decide to go down the patch, bugger that I thought. I took a couple of quick pictures as a record, and fully expected the Hawk to take off.

It did a few seconds later to the opposite fence.

It sat there for a while and so I decided to take a closer look, and
with a bit of luck get some better pictures, this I managed to do, but
it was at this point I noticed he had a broken leg.

I placed a day old chick at the side of it, but it
took no notice. After a while I decided to catch
him up and seek help from my local Animal rescue centre.
I will update later.

I contacted the Animal rescue centre who were just out at an RTA but would call me when they got back. As I waited the Female came looking for her mate. At first she sat on a fence post at the end of my garden, before swooping down and checking out my borders. I wish we had some light in this Country so the images could be better.

This is Hawkey just about to go to the rescue centre.

The Lady who is going to look after him.

Update. I have received a call saying the injury to Hawkey was irreparable and he had to be put to sleep, very sad.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

No more rain please.

The river Sence that borders my patch is usually no more than a trickle, as you will see from the images it was much different today. Hard work for the Kingfishers at this time.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Jay Watch

Nice to have a bit of sun today. I called in at the farm to put some nuts down for my Jay project and had a chat with Pete & Linda. Then off to my hide armed with some Rabbit in an attempt to get some close up Buzzard pictures. Well the Buzzard was sitting in an Oak tree close to my hide as I walked across the field, but took off when he saw me, and didn't return all day. Not a wasted time in the hide though as Mrs GSP turned up for her fat fix.

Greater Spotted Woodpecker (Female)

Jay Watch

Here is a short video of todays Jay visit.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Squatter

I was down my patch this morning just topping up the food at my feeding station, on returning to my car I noticed something in the old Kestrel box, on closer inspection I could make out it was a Barn Owl,  obviously sheltering from the bitter cold wind. I was very pleased to see this wonderful bird down the patch again.

As I got closer the Barney decided to give up his squatters rights and flew off through the Hawthorn hedge and into the canal spinney. I will be keeping a look out for Mr Barney over the coming months.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Bird in the Hand.

Robins are a real favourite at this time of year and with the lack of food around will become very brave "if you are patient enough" and will come to hand to feed,if you have not experienced this it is well worth the effort. I experienced this again only yesterday as you will see from the following images.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Waxing Lyrical

Today I went looking for some Waxwings, there have been a number of sighting in Leicestershire this winter so I decided to follow up one of these leads. I was not to be disappointed as on my arrival I saw around thirty Waxwing high in a tree next to a very busy road.

These were high in the tree so a decent image was difficult,
 also most had branches spoiling the view of them.

 After a while one after the other they swooped across the road and into a garden that has a small berry tree in it, this was where they were feeding, allowing me to get a bit closer.