Monday, 31 May 2010

More please

Our Robby

Well Robby is growing fast, he should be if the amount of food he eats is anything to go by. Sod the worm hunting etc, I took the easy route and went to the local fishing tackle shop. I placed Robby on the counter (remember i told you he went everywhere with me) and said, he wants a quarter of maggots and some worms. I have never heard so many Ahh's in my life, full grown men with tattoo's and piercings, noses that looked like the Rock of Gibraltar crowded around to see our Robby. On six foot plus angler said I have got to give him a maggot, it made me smile. We left the shop with a promise of reporting Rob's progress and enough food to last him a fortnight.
He has around six maggots at any one feeding, his record is nine, chopped worms are a favorite with him, but not me slimy as hell when chopped up. Robby will be going on holiday for a few days tomorrow to our boat in Norfolk.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


My neighbour came round and said I have found this chick in the garden, you are the bird man here you go, and presented me with a tiny bundle of fluff. I wish he had left it where he had found it at the base of our adjoining hedge, that way I am sure Mum would have attended to her little mite.

With this in mind I placed the little baby Robin chick next to the hedge, I watched for over 2 hours but the parents never found it. Faced with the option of either letting it die or trying to help I chose the latter.

I quickly found an ice cream tub and an old towel, now to find some food, I will state now , if I was a bird I would starve to death, finding worms, grubs etc is not as easy as it first seems. That said I found enough to get him through the night. Yes you have guessed it, I was up at first light grub hunting again, this guy demands food every 30 minutes, he goes everywhere with me now (except the loo that is) I will be glad when he can feed himself.